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Cheddar Judo Club Cheddar Judo Club

Cheddar Judo Club
Cheddar Judo Club
Cheddar Judo Club Coaches after the club’s Judo demonstration at Draycot Strawberry fayre

Cheddar Judo Club

JUDO ------

On this page we give you a small overview of the sport of judo.

However, if you want to learn more about this martial art then your more than welcome to come along and watch or to try a free “taster” session

What is Judo
Literally "the gentle way," this ancient martial art (it’s origin is from jujutsu) makes use of the opponent's strength to overcome him, thereby making it possible for a David to throw a Goliath. Kano Jigoro (the founder of the Kodokan style of judo) developed the art into what is now an international Olympic sport.

Modern judo is played on a soft mat area and each player wears tough cotton suits. A contest is won by one or more of the following:
  • throwing the opponent onto their back with speed and force,
  • holding the opponent on their back for a designated time
  • or for senior grades making the opponent submit through an arm lock, or strangle.

The Judo Suit

   Or Judo-gi 

Generally white trousers and jacket made from cotton, the jacket being tied with a belt. Both jacket and trousers are designed to be very strong and reinforced in key areas to prevent ripping.

Other colour suits are becoming more popular especially blue suits, In fact in high level competitions one player typically wears blue the other white. This helps the referee to separate which player di what during the competition.

Where we practice Judo

Judo is played on thick specially designed mats (called tatami). The mats absorb the impact when landing after being thrown.

Modern day judo mats are supplied in 1 x 1 mtr or 1 x 2 mtr sizes and are arranged into a competition area surrounded by red mats (the danger zone) and a safety area outside the red area.


Explaining the BJA JUNIOR Mon Grading Scheme
Junior’s are players who are 16 years of age or less are graded in the Mon grading scheme. The grading scheme is divided into 18 Mon grades across the red, orange, green, blue, and brown colour belts. Each colour having 1, 2, or 3 tags depending on the grade achieved.

To be able to grade each person has to become a member of the British Judo Association. An application form can be found on their website at

No Tag = Beginner, not yet graded 
1 Tag = 1st Mon Grade  
2 Tags = 2nd Mon Grade  
3 Tags = 3rd Mon Grade  

1 Tag = 4th Mon Grade
2 Tags = 5th Mon Grade  
3 Tags = 6th Mon Grade  
1 Tag = 7th Mon Grade
2 Tags = 8th Mon Grade  
3 Tags = 9nd Mon Grade  
1 Tag = 10th Mon Grade
2 Tags = 11th Mon Grade  
3 Tags = 12nd Mon Grade  
1 Tag = 13th Mon Grade
2 Tags = 14th Mon Grade  
3 Tags = 15nd Mon Grade  
1 Tag = 16th Mon Grade
2 Tags = 17th Mon Grade  
3 Tags = 18nd Mon Grade  

Brief Guide to Judo Competition Scoring

Score Throwing
(Tachi waza)  
(Ne waza)  
10 points 
Throw an opponent with reasonable
speed and force on to their back 
Hold an opponent on their back for 30 seconds 
Waza ari
7 points 
Throw an opponent almost on to their back  Hold an opponent on their back for 25 seconds 
5 points 
Throw an opponent on to part of their back with less force than above  Hold an opponent on their back for 20 seconds 
3 points 
Trip an opponent so they fall on to any part of their back or rear  Hold an opponent on their back for 10 seconds 
Two waza ari scores = one ippon. 
• Only waza ari points can be added together to make a higher score.
• If no ippon is scored, the referee and judges will award the contest to the player with the highest single score. For example, a player with one yuko will beat a player with ten kokas.  

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